San Genis (Spain)

San Genis (Spain): Mediterranean/Terracotta Hand-Made Tiles

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San Gemis has been a reference in great quality natural floors for a long time. They have integrated the last creative trends to traditional manufacturing methods. San Gemis’ challenge results in a new generation floor, which is warm, authentic and owning personality using ecological material. That is the reason why San Gemis homes maintain a healthy and respectful atmosphere towards the environment. 

The new San Gemis designs have been conceived to create functional and state-of-the-art atmospheres. Clay simplicity harmonizes with the most contemporaneous aesthetics and allows the creation of unique spaces, suitable for our demanding lifestyles in which endurance, comfort and durability are important; natural floors breathing pure Mediterranean essence.

Of all the elements, clay most closely unites man and nature. Fired clay was once one of the key elements in the development of Mediterranean culture. Its resistance made it extremely functional, while its warm and harmonious finish made it a material of great beauty. These characteristics have remained unaltered, and are still highly valued in architecture and decoration, where they are used to create even the most modern environments.

San Gemis is involved in the building of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, designed by modernist architect Antoni GaudĂ­. The following are some of the different ranges offered by San Gemis:

Semimanual is San Gemiscollection mixing beauty and functionality. Clay depurated lines can be adapted to all kind of atmospheres; ranging from rustic countryside houses to urban lofts with design furniture. Its special composition shows a high solidity and durability. Its tones and shades change along the day creating a calm and relaxing environment contrasting with current lifestyle.


Outdoors Semimanual terracotta has shown to be the perfect pavement: warm and resistant, strong and refined. We recommend it in terraces, swimming pools, gardens, and stairs and also in public works, such as boulevards, avenues and parks. 

San Gemis Semimanual collection tiles are aimed at all kind of spaces. There is also a wide range of models and sizes. They can be adapted to all kinds of rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, even bathrooms and kitchens.


Since these tiles are made using traditional manufacturing methods, the exact tones and measurements may vary. We recommend that you combine tiles from different packets and leave a small gap between them for grouting. Due to its durability, the Semi Manual range is a particularly practical choice in hotels and restaurants, or much-used home areas. Beauty and functionality combine to make the Semimanual range a truly great product. The Semi Manual series includes special pieces for stairs, swimming pools, etc. with a range of possibilities to help you make the most out of your patio and other outdoor areas.