Olympia Ceramics (Italy)

Olympia Ceramics (Italy): Designer Water Efficient Sanitaryware

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This Italian company was established in 1979 in Corchiano - Civita Castellana area; the heart of the sanitaryware industry of Italy. The company is still directly managed by the founding family and over the years has exported their high-quality products to over 45 countries. Olympia is fully compliant to UNI-EN Standards and certified by the ISO 9001:2001 quality and operations controls standard. Its main markets are Europe, Australia, the United States, and have recently entered strongly in the Gulf. Their newest customers in Dubai are the Silverene Towers and Dusit.


All their products are fully manufactured in Italy with the finest quality raw materials. Olympia has three main collections: Olympia Classic, Olympia System, and Olympia Design. Although the three collections use the same raw materials and quality control processes, Olympia System and Olympia Design are hand-made and are modern design oriented. Olympia gives you the possibility to create complete and ergonomic bathroom of high value and fine design, to resolve all composition exigencies with functionality and style. 

Olympia’s most successful system under the Olympia System Collection is the TUTTO range, designed by Opus - a very famous Italian Architect Studio. With the TUTTO range, Olympia turns its attention to houses with less available space, to which the modularity of these stylistic and functional solutions is dedicated.

Olympia has also worked very closely with Jacuzzi UK, to supply products for the Jacuzzi UK market and with Porcelanosa for the Spanish market. All their products are checked one by one -rather than random inspections - to guarantee the highest quality product. Their wall-mounted toilets and bidets withstand a staggering load of 400 kg, which is proof of the high thicknesses of the products.

Olympia is also currently releasing water saving toilets which go beyond the requirement of 3&6 liters/flush to 3&4.5 liter/flush. This leads to considerable water savings, since approximately 30% of the water consumed in buildings is from toilet flushing. As an example, in a building of with 100 toilets the amount of water saved would be not less than 110,000 liters/year. This results in huge savings on a resource that is becoming more expensive and scarce by the day, especially in the Middle East. Such a bold initiative in water saving has earned Olympia recognition in Australia, who have the most rigorous standards on water-consuming products. It is now recognized under the Australian WELS Standard AS/NZS 6400:2005 Water Efficiency Products.