INAX (Japan)

Ceramic Anti Bacteria Tiles with Nanotechnology Application: INAX Tiles (Japan) 

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Founded in 1924 as Ina Seito Co. Ltd., INAX is currently the leader of high tech tiles and sanitaryware in Japan. It has gain worldwide recognition for its patented products and ingenious manufacturing process. In 1985 the company called "Ina Seito Co., Ltd." became INAX Corporation. At the same time, the

company established its INAX 5 corporate philosophy. Each of these five guiding principles stems from the desire to "pursue an excellent company." Create products of superior quality; pursue quality in every aspect of every job; create an environmental aesthetic. This philosophy culminates in customer and employee satisfaction. It is both the fundamental starting point and the guiding light of our business activities. How deeply they embrace the INAX 5 philosophy in their business activities today is nothing short of the ideal to "pursue quality in every activity of INAX."

They are the first company in the world to create anti-bacterial ceramic tiles, with research in the field dating back to the late 1980’s. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has gone as far as to recognize INAX’s process as the standard for anti-bacterial tiles manufacturing with ISO Code # 22196: Stringent Criteria for Antibacterial Effect and Safety Agent. INAX is certified by the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA). Any products with the SIAA Label in the catalogue have anti-bacterial application on them.

Different formats, sizes, and finishes are available to suit the needs of every project; whether it is for public buildings or private home use. In addition, INAX also manufactures the following products:

-          Sanitaryware

-          Faucets

-          Bathtubs

-          Accessories

-          Kitchens

-          Powder Rooms and Vanities