FIMA (Italy)

FIMA Italy: Water Saving Faucets and Touch Screen Designer Faucets

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Faucets are considered to be the products in a bathroom that require the most precision in manufacturing. For this reason, it his highly recommendable to only use European suppliers for those materials. FIMA has been operating in Italy since 1960, which is testimony to their long experience in high quality manufacturing and customer service; both required for European manufacturers to be able to continue growing and operating amid growing competition worldwide. The company also offers customized branding, with the possibility of placing the hospital logo on the faucets available. All their tapware is made of 1st choice OT-58 Brass and the inside disc made of ceramic, in order to minimize corrosion through the years and guarantee a long lasting product. Giulini Giovanni has newly designed inner cartridges, valves, and aerators that are used for products exported to Canada, Northern European countries (Finland, Norway, and Sweden), the United Kingdom, and United States, where water efficient faucets are highly in demand. They have confirmed that their faucets have a flow rate of 8.3 liters at 4.1 bar, or 2.2 gpm (US) at 60 psi, which is the LEED requirements for faucets (showerheads require 2.5 gpm US at 80 psi). The special valves used are certified by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) for this matter.

FIMA also offers unique products designed by world famous architects, and include innovative features such as touch screen controls in several product lines they manufacture.