DMP Electronics (Italy)

DMP Electronics Srl: Electronically Activated Faucets, Dispensers, and Flushing Mechanisms

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DMP Electronics is considered to be the leader in electronically activated faucets, dispensers, and flushing mechanisms. In 1978 DMP Electronics invented the electronic faucet. It is the only tapware manufacturer that exclusively focuses on sensor activated systems alone. The range of DMP products is addressed to public and community buildings or to the private home. DMP’s energy, water, and soap saving solutions guarantee 100% hygiene in the washroom and long life.The products which are very smart and carefully designed using reliable, safe and long lasting technology, but above all a solution to guarantee an immediate, tangible and substantial saving of approximately 80% in water consumption. Laboratory tests have proved that washing your hands with a DMP electronic tap uses just one liter of water, against the six liter that are normally needed for a traditional manual tap.SANISOAP is an excellent liquid soap or disinfectant dispenser. The line and choice of materials, especially steel, give it character, resistance and aesthetic worth. Designed and built according to high quality standards, it is ideal for medical centers, hotels and public establishments. For this purpose, it has been equipped with vandal-proof construction details. One of its strengths is its quick and easy installation without excessively technical operations. In fact, it is an all-in-one product, designed with electronic and mechanical parts inside and safety key for tank opening. Also available in the ABS version, it is especially suited for public and private offices.The competitive advantage of DMP Electronics over other producers of electronically activated sanitary equipment is that all components are made directly by DMP in Italy; unlike other prominent brands that buy some of their components from other sources, including in China. Therefore all research and design is done in-house with years of testing before releasing it to the market. DMP Electronics manufactures their own electronic circuits, with each circuit composed of over 100 hundred components. It is one of only two companies that have such advanced electronic component mounting machine; no other sanitaryware producers has this. The protective resin placed to protect the electronic components is also produce and patented by DMP Electronics, and is also applied using very sophisticated and high-precision machinery.

Testimony to DMP Electronics’ success and reputation is their impressive reference. The following is a list of their most recent projects worldwide:



-          Fiat

-          Ferrari

-          Hilton Hotel Rome

-          Sheraton Hotel Rome

-          Novotel Florence

-          E. Leclerc Mall

-          Auchan Malls nationwide in Italy

-          Autogrill Stations nationwide in Italy

-          Forlanini Hospital Rome

-          Fatebenefratelli Hospital Milan

-          AGIP Milan

-          Fiumicino International Airport (Rome, Italy)


International Projects


-          Mexico City International Airport

-          Toronto International Airport

-          Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris)

-          Emirates Flight Catering (Dubai)

-          Poh Oi Hospital Honk Kong

-          Novotel Tour Eiffel Paris

-          Mercure Hotel Paris

-          E. Leclerc Mall (Nantes)

-          Credit Mutuel de Bretagne Bank

-          Movenpick Hotel Zurich

-          Movenpick Hotel Dubai

-          MSC Luxury Ship Cruiser St. Nazaire

-          KMPG Offices Nantes