ADEX (Spain)

ADEX since 1897 (Spain): Classical Tiles

They cover the walls of the houses of important politicians, aristocrats, actors, and affluent entrepeneurs. They appear in many movies and television series. They have been seen in luxurious environments, sophisticated buildings a century old, as well as in castles and palaces. They are exquisitely manufactured with soft strokes, thin touches, and the wisdom given by more than a century of tradition. They are the tiles manufactured by ADEX in Valencia (Spain).

The appreciation of traditional ceramic has always been one of ADEX's main objectives. They have committed themselves to encourage the quality, design and specialization, instead of quantity. Our product is exclusive, almost custom-designed; they look at the tile in the same way a tailor looks at the fabric, thread and buttons. Distinction is ADEX's key point. The product and its manufacturing process stands in between an artisan's workshop and big industry.

Products by ADEX combine beauty, craftmanship, tradition and aesthetic quality in a single concept. ADEX is a company manufacturing high quality handcrafted ceramic tiling. Its extense tradition began in the late 19th Century, created by a family which has now reached its fourth generation. The company's history began in 1897, when Mr Miguel Piñón Castelló founded a factory called "La Glorieta" in the city of Onda (Castellón). This factory produced plain tiles or with floral decorations, which was fashionable in those years, and used the technique of paper stencilling. The manufacturing process was completely handcrafted, and the tiles were fired in ovens called "arabesques", fueled with wood.

In 1940, his son Mr Miguel Piñón Guinot took the business over and founded a company called "El Siglo", where tiles were decorated using metallic stencils. It's remarkable that the company did already incorporate in the 50s a collection of 6 drawings measuring 20x20cm made by the famous painter Salvador Dalí. This produced an important sales increase both in the national and international market, turning the company into the first tile-making company exporting with a world-wide known design.

The third generation arrives in 1975, when Mr Francisco García Felipeneri is appointed director and changes the name "El Siglo" for ADEX. On a first stage, the company specializes in the manufacture of Valencian Baroque 

tiling, always maintaining the care and good taste when making each piece. Manufacturing now includes advanced technology in a handcraft process. In the last years, his daughters Matilde and Cristina García, and his son Vicente García started working in the company and are now the fourth generation in charge of it.  ADEX is currently one of the oldest companies in the tiling sector. ADEX has received more than 25 national and international awards and distinctions, in acknowledgement of the company's quality, design and prestige during all its life. The following are a list of awards obtained by the company in recent years:

-          Cevider Golden Alpha, given by the Spanish Association of Ceramic and Glass (2000)

-          Protected Astisan Company, given by the Ministry of Industry of Spain

-          Expo Design (IPI): given by the Valencian Chamber of Commerce

-          Honorable Mention in the Valencian International Fair by the Spanish Association of Ceramic and Glass

-          International Commerce Trophy

-          Impriva Design Award – Design Leader Company, given by the Valencian Regional Government

-          Export Award, given by the Chamber of Commerce in Castellon (1981, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1993, 2002 y 2005)

-          American Gold Star Design, given by Bid

-          Arc of Europe Quality Award

-          Golden Torch International Trophy for Quality and Service

-          Commercial Prestige Trophy

-          Valencia Award for Innovation in Industrial Design

Thanks to the versatility given by the handmade work, they have been able to take projects in both in state-owned or private-owned buildings, covering in each case every single strict requirement of the different projects. Some of the most notable ones are the following:

-          Restoration of Güell Park by Antonio Gaudi, in Barcelona.

-          Miraflores Palace, Venezuela's President's official residence

-          Mural on facade next to San Juan de Puerto Rico's Cathedra

-          Oran's Governor's Residence

-          Restoration at the High Altar of the Royal Parish Church of San Miguel and San Sebastián, in Valencia

-          State Government Palace, in Valencia.

-          House of Snails, in Castellon

-          Valencia Community Pavilion at Expo '92, in Seville

-          Theme Park Isla Magica, in Seville

-          National Parador of Chinchón

-          National Parador of Almagro

-          National Parador of Plasencia

-          National Parador of Fuerteventura

-          La Torre del Visco Hotel, in Teruel

-          Restoration of West Side YMCA Building's swimming pool in New York.

With the same quality criteria and care for design, ADEX has created 9 different Series in a wide range of styles. Some recover the splendor of Valencian tiles, some reflect ceramic tradition, carefully adapted and redesigned for contemporary decorations.

ADEX has enjoyed the collaboration of prestigious designers and graphic artists, who have tried to show the latest tendencies in the avant-garde Spanish fashion, like Javier Mariscal, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Eva Lootz, Mercedes Melero, José Morea, Francis Montesinos and Valentín Herráiz. The result is a group of tiling pieces with exquisite finishing, which share the wisdom, patience and savoir faire of real craftsmen

ADEX products are studied so that they can be combined with each other, offering the possibility of creating unique decorations thanks to random composition with different pieces. With ADEX, we can state that any project is possible in the desired style.